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Ūnijas iela 15D, Riga, Latvija


About Us

Kastekust was created by photography professionals to provide engaging and fun activities in events. We are constantly developing methods how to create photo-booth experiences which catch the eye, are fun to participate in, and brings astonishing photos and videos for participants. With expertise in scenery, photography and IT, Kastekust creates illusion rooms, camera systems and software for event photo-booth serving. Every photo-booth solution can be fully customised for any need and combined with other solutions.
So far Kastekust has been serving events in Baltic sea region and developing solutions for this purpose, but in Autumn 2019 will launch its first two products: GIPHER - software solution for photographers and videographers for instant animation creation in events and BOUNCE - automated camera hand (and software) for one-of-a-kind event photo booth experience. Stay tuned
How it works?
The centerpiece is our own software - KLIKD.
It does magic by turning photos and videos into instant social media or marketing materials that can be accessed instantly from anywhere, using printed QR codes. After the action, it can take as little as 30 seconds for the guest to have a printout with a frame from the GIF and the digital access. 
We have developed a lot of creative and scenery concepts to go along with KLIKD to offer fully customizable photo booths with WOW effect and great experience for the guests in any event.