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About Us

KASTEKUST push boundaries of GIF and video booths. Combining deep photo/videography knowledge with modern software capabilities and latest tech, we are prioritizing user experience and unique visual outlook in our video booth attractions. Depending on our booth/attraction we can serve multiple purposes in events and marketing campaigns so feel free to get in touch. 
For the booths we create illusion installations, camera systems and software all by ourselves and our partners, thus assuring best adjustment possibilities and exclusive features. With the main office in Rīga, Latvia and our first branch up and coming in London, UK, we have served more than 1000 events in last 3 years. 
How it works?
The centerpiece that connects the booths and event guests is our software KLIKD. It works the magic of turning photos and videos into sharable content for social media in an instant, offering multiple unique content delivery methods to add to the guest experience. 
We plan to make KLIKD available for commercial use in 2020 so stay tuned.
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