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Combining GIF Studio with greenscreen, we get wider range of visual options. Additionally we combined Loop and Boomerang effects to create seamless GIFs that can be gazed at for a while. If you have multiple designs you want to create, we can put them as selectable options on touchscreen.

Looperang Magazine
Put the guests on the magazine cover with this Looperang option. You can customize everything - from the background and name of the magazine to subheads and some special offer deals.
Looperang Classic
Put your guests in front of the jungle or breathtaking skyline, there is really no limitations. From all the KASTEKUST attractions this might be the one that offers the most visual options.
Looperang Award
If there is a reason to celebrate, there should be a reason to honor it with an award. Select the necessary headlines and backgrounds to put the guests at the center spotlight
Looperag vehicle
It`s difficult to drive a boat or a plane within the event, but this Looperang option can help.You can sit in a fancy cabrio, or be in a tractor in a crop field.
Looperang Telerport
If you need to be at two times at once, the Teleport will get you there.
Looperang Starshoot
Weather it`s in the sky or on the red carpet - the stars always shine bright. With this Looperang option we can integrate artists/athletes or any other significant person in the design and let the guests GIF with them even if they are not present.
Show details
  • Up to 300 Prints included in price;​

  • Custom designs for custom ideas!​

  • Consumers choice of background optional

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