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Freeze 3D

You probably know the famous Matrix ''bullet time'' scene. Let your guests freeze the time like that, using our multi camera module.

Freeze live background
We will use a space in event as a background. Differently sized objects in the background will give a really cool dimensional feel for the GIF, so think about what can be put there.
Freeze Greenscreen
If you do not have a designated decorated space or if you want to have an extravagant background for the GIF photo booth then greenscreen option should be your choice. We can digitally create pretty much anything in the background.
Freeze Starshoot
Similar to Looperang Starshoot, but this is using our Freeze multi camera module
Freeze Kinetic
Freeze camera module is combined with a digital light painting from Kinetic
Anti-Gravity Room
If Freeze camera module is combined with Upside Down Room, we can switch off the gravity like this
Show details
  • Up to 300 Prints included in price;​

  • Green-screen option with endless creative possibilities.

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