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GIF Studio

If you are looking for something fun and simple - GIF studio is exactly what you need. These attractions are easy to set up and still provides versatility and a lot of fun. All the options can be complemented with some decorations or accessories for participants.

GIF Studio with a single color background
Choose one of the available single color background options available. It can be complemented with furniture or accessories
GIF Studio with a live background
If you have a wonderful area in your event that you want to display in the background - this is the way to go. If you want something more crazy, check out also Spin360 with live background and Freeze3D with live background
Mini GIF Studio/portrait mode
Perfect solution to put emphasis on the bright smiles and sparkling eyes. This attraction can be made to take up less space, which is great for small parties and exhibitions, among other places
GIF Studio Story
These GIFs are made from multiple parts to add more dynamic to it. Despite this, they are still quick to make in the event and will involve more creative process for the guest. 
GIF Report
Just like a photo reports, but with GIFs. All material is available online before our team leaves the venue. The photographer is not tied to a specific location in the event, he can go around and take the best shots of the night, whether it is a guest or a specific object
Show details
  • Up to 300 Prints included in price;​

  • Custom designs for custom ideas!​

  • Consumers choice of background optional

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