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Spin 360

Sometimes the guests love to be the center of attention. This attraction spins the camera around the guest and takes breathtaking slow motion parts. Excellent for big and crowded parties and big celebrations

Looperang Classic
If you want to put the guests in front of the jungle or breathtaking skyline - or maybe in a cartoon style, this is the way to go. From all the KASTEKUST attractions this might be the one that offers the most visual options.
Spin 360 with a live background
No additional background, the event space will speak for itself.
Spin 360 with banner background
Put the branding on the banner too if you want to deliver a certain marketing messege.
Spin Chair 360
Let your guests sit down and enjoy the whirl. Background will be blurry but the faces will be full of happy expressions
Sky Spin
Use the floor and the big construction for decoration and let the guests make the best of the slow motion effect.
Show details
  • Prints from SLO-MO video;​

  • Backdrop optional​

  • Various scenery possibilities

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