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Ūnijas iela 15D, Riga, Latvija


Freeze 3D

You probably know the famous Matrix ''bullet time'' scene. This is the reproduction of it using our multi camera module, and we offer the result for you immediately, just like with all the other attractions. Freeze the time!

Freeze live background
If you have already set up space in your event, we can use it to make the Freeze GIFs. Ojects of different shapes and accessories for guests will make the GIF look increadibly lively
Freeze Greenscreen
If you do not have a designated decorated space or if you want to have an extravagant background for the GIF photo booth then greenscreen option should be your choice.
Freeze Starshoot
Similar to Looperang Starshoot, but this is using our Freeze multi camera module
Freeze Kinetic
If we combine Kinetic Light Painting and Freeze, we get stunning results like this.
Anti-Gravity Room
Turn your world upside down with this attraction. It`s a clever scenery solution combined with our Matrix-style 12 camera rig to produce GIFs that will look like they are out of this world.
It is combination of our Upside Down Room and Freeze 3D.
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